Home Opinions Why selling jewelry is all about selling stories. Good ones.

2 thoughts on “Why selling jewelry is all about selling stories. Good ones.

  1. Amen! For years I have preached to jewelers that while they take expensive trips to Antwerp to create a story that will help them sell diamonds, most of them don’t bother to learn and communicate the very real stories which can add so much panache to the other gemstones with which they can differentiate themselves.

  2. Great piece.
    If I may respectfully add to the headline and the message overall, think not of only “good stories,” rather genuine ones. Brands that carry a message, jewelry designs that truly invite conversation, and indeed communicate a story, are critical, yet “made up” or dishonest brand or product stories kill long-term sales for the product and the seller.
    Trust, perhaps the hidden “moral” of this story, is the driver and sustenance strategy that independent jewelers must leverage, while, of course, engaging the customer with the romance of a product’s story.

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