Nutec International: the “Start-up” that is Setting Standards

Latest generation electroforming? Auroform Monolith by Nutec International, the machine that unites caliber accuracy, automation and precious material savings

Called Auroform Monolith and covered by an international patent, it is the most advanced machine for mass producing high-quality, electroformed articles in gold alloy. Not a bad result for a young company like Nutec International, founded in 2014 and still definable today as a “start-up”. But the know-how encased in this innovation is the legacy of more than twenty years’ experience in the high-tech field applied to jewelry of the Vicenza-based company,LTC Caoduro. Specialized in electroplating, the company provides a blend of different skills, optimization and the desire to develop new solutions to meet the customers’ requirements in an increasingly more precise, timely and versatile manner. All this led to creating Nutec International, a one-product company that is nevertheless able to introduce a radical change in the world of jewelry. How? Auroform Monolith has five unquestionable skills: weighing and caliber accuracy; total automation of the electroforming process; possibility of having a system running 24/7 without the use of specialized technicians due to remote management of the entire process; extremely high quality and durability of the result; maximum savings in precious raw materials. These factors, especially the latter, are able to reduce production and maintenance costs and, with an eco-sustainable implication generated by recycling the flushing water for reintegrating the chemical substances and reducing precious metal loss. 

Interest has been aroused not only on the national market but also abroad: to date, Nutec systems are already functioning in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey and are about to be distributed in Thailand, Asia and India. All countries where the opportunity of creating particularly large jewelry, with calibers of between 14 and 24 kt, and gold and copper alloys of 8 to 22 kt, carries even more weight. And where the appeal of Made in Italy brilliance does the rest.

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