A Call for Ideas

A creativity and innovation forum, a “hackathon day,” the promotion of the Golden Factor event featuring young talents, as well as many new products. Here is a preview of Vicenzaoro, organized by IEG Italian Exhibition Group, scheduled from Jan. 17-22, 20

  • Marco Carniello, Director of IEG's Jewelry & Fashion Division.

    Marco Carniello, Director of IEG's Jewelry & Fashion Division.

New collections, design, cutting-edge technology, and trends. The next edition of Vicenzaoro January 2020, is establishing itself as a platform for introducing the year’s latest product news. The objective is to make sure Italy plays an ever greater role on the jewelry scene, like a sort of all-Italian Renaissance that will start in Vicenzaoro. «The first major theme we will take on - says Marco Carniello, Jewelry & Fashion Director of IEG Italian Exhibition Group – will be product innovation thanks to the timing of the international calendar, which allows us to be the first event of the year. Thanks to our collaboration with ICE as well, we will give exhibitors the incentive to present all of their product innovations in January, thus making the most of strengthened communications initiatives. The second theme we are focused on is Visio.Next, which is to open the show, highlighting creativity and innovation, in partnership with Club degli Orafi. This will be a major event that will bring together top Italian and international jewelry brands with top buyers worldwide. The third focus of Vicenzaoro January will be innovation. We will hold our first hackathon day, in collaboration with the University of Padua. The university has launched a “call for ideas” with 60,000 students and researchers, who have been asked to find business solutions in two major areas: new ways of wearing a jewelry piece and innovative packaging. Forty of these young people will be chosen to work an entire day – Tuesday, Jan. 21, the second-to-last day of the show - on presenting their definitive ideas to an advisory board that is to include: Sisma, Legor, Afemo, Alessi Domenico, Karizia, and Better Silver. This is strongly symbolic of the fact that Vicenzaoro is no longer just about commerce but also aims to be a hub for innovation and incubator for talents». And talent is also to serve as a sort of guiding theme throughout VIOFF, which is the event that will liven up, as always, the center of the city. The main theme of this edition will be the Golden Factor, with a focus on talent in all of its various incarnations. Young jewelry designers as well as chefs and architects will participate.

Call for ideas

Tribute to Terpsichore, one of the Dalì’s sculptures in Vicenza.

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