Imaginarium, An Inspirational Journey with Swarovski Gemstones

Swarovski Gemstones and A.M.F. Snaps teamed up to create a special event dedicated to designers

Which will be the new trends shaping the high-end accessories world? Swarovski Gemstones and A.M.F. Snaps give us the answer with ‘Imaginarium’, a three days exhibition that will open its doors on 12 March in Bassano del Grappa (Italy). Designers will be inspired to create the bijoux of the future by rediscovering styles and materials of the past, through an exclusive exhibition of jewelry, buttons and brooches created by the Italian jewelry Atelier of Ennio Marangoni. Ennio Marino Marangoni founded the Atelier in 1940, and since the time of its establishment, he has become a prominent producer of jewelry for stars of international opera houses, film studios and later television companies.


«We are proud to collaborate with Swarovski, a company with a long and treasured philosophy of inspirational and innovative excellence and a model for any company involved in a b2b business», said Carmen Toffanello, CEO of A.M.F.



At Swarovski, they expressed the same enthusiasm: «A.M.F. is an ideal partner for Swarovski to extend our long tradition of material and application innovation to new areas. Together, our introduction of Zirconia into the fashion industry leverages and underlines the flexibility, agility and creativity of both companies. It is a perfect fit and the reason why we have agreed to jointly explore this path. Since my first visit in Bassano, I have been impressed by the customer-oriented and flexible nature of A.M.F. and their unique project management abilities: a true inspiration», stated Daniel J. Cohen – Swarovski Executive Board Member.

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