VICENZAORO in Multi Vision

VISIO.NEXT Summit, the conference on the future of luxury, inaugurated VICENZAORO January 2018

VISIO.NEXT Summit is the conference on the future of fashion and luxury that yesterday, officially opened VICENZAORO January 2018 Yesterday morning, a distinguished panel opened the edition of VICENZAORO January 2018, already down in history as the edition of records. In fact, the numbers reported on stage by the illustrious guests during the VISIO.NEXT Summit, first and foremost, by Italian Exhibition Group's President and CEO, Lorenzo Cagnoni, speak of a significant growth throughout the jewelry sector, as those of the IEG system, also go to prove. In 2017, the company offered more than 280 events and congresses and inaugurated the new year with two events of global caliber  - VICENZAORO January – THE JEWELLERY BOUTIQUE SHOW, and SIGEP, Rimini's international Show dedicated to the confectionery arts - confirming its position as the leading Italian exhibition provider group, both by number and importance of events. The works kicked off with greetings from the Mayor of Vicenza, Achille Variati, who seized the chance to underline the industrial and economic exploit that his city has historically achieved and to highlight the hold on the market despite the recent years of crisis, especially thanks to the jewelry world. The journalist and economy expert, Alan Friedman, who chaired the meeting, then introduced Corrado Facco, Managing Director of Italian Exhibition Group (IEG), who intervened by presenting the theme of the Summit. The future, which appears increasingly full of challenges due to rapid changes in communication modalities on the one hand, and to changes in buying behavior on the other, citing as an example, the clamorous data relating to online transactions during the last Black Friday: 7.9 billion dollars in two days, more than 6.6 billion on Cyber Monday. An effect also of the unbridled use of social networks, particularly by the Millennials, who contribute greatly to the exorbitant numbers also registered by Instagram, with over 800 million connections a month. All factors that are leading companies towards the so-called ‘M dimension’, that is, Multi-channeling, Multi-complexity,  Multi-borders, Multi-opportunity. To confirm these ongoing revolutions,  Claudia D’Arpizio, Partner of Bain & Co. and Manager of Vertical Moda Lusso, spoke by focusing on the future distribution of Luxury. The discussion at the round table was then further animated by other important players of various standing in the fashion and jewelry sectors. Carlo Capasa, President of the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, summed up the situation regarding new consumer values, such as traceability and sustainability, convalidated by Matteo Marzotto's contribution in his dual role as Executive Vice President of IEG and President of Dondup S.p.A., a company that is increasingly focusing on eco-sustainable and responsible products. Authoritative and expert voices on jewelry design were those of Licia Mattioli, Managing Director of Mattioli S.p.A. and Vice President for Internationalization at Confindustria, and Diego Nardin, Managing Director of Fope S.p.A.. Nardin specifically dealt with the topic of the delicate shift from a historical family-run business to a listed company in a lively exchange and confrontation with Andrea Panconesi, CEO of LuisaViaRoma S.p.A. and Adi al Fardan, Founder of Adi Hasan al Fardan Jewellery Trading LLC. Alan Friedman and the Honorable Ivan Scalfarotto, Under Secretary of State for the Ministry of Economic Development, then commented on the Summit, centering the discussion on what now seems to be a new reality: systematization, in support  of Made in Italy, between the Government, Institutions and companies, with modalities and results that, up until a few years ago, would have been unimaginable. 

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