Petal Rings by ‘G’

Glenn Spiro and Prosper Assouline collaborated on a capsule collection of limited edition to be sold exclusively at Maison Assouline in December

«Most of our work is done for us by Mother Nature, we just put these magnificent gemstones in the right settings.»
Glenn Spiro is a true innovator jeweler with a unique approach in combining unusual materials with nature’s treasures. Maison Assouline is one of the most renowned publishers house which is expanding its business into an eclectic luxury brand. Now, Mr. Spiro and Prosper Assouline join their force to create a special capsule collection in limited edition, which will be sold exclusively at Maison Assouline in December. The collection is composed of ten rings, set in feather-light 18k gold and titanium, and gem-encrusted in various precious shades of diamonds, sapphires, rubies and amethysts.The extremely simple form of the Leaf perfectly curves over the finger, making each ring a unique expression of the master jeweler’s savoir-faire.The rings are at once contemporary and confident, whilst at the same time being timeless in their appeal, perfectly embodying the spirit of the houses of ' G ' and Assouline...

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