Walking Treasure: an exhibition between art and craft

In Milan, ESH Gallery is dedicating a new exhibition to artistic jewellery, displaying the works of young Italian artists

Is there a boundary in jewellery between Art and Craft? ESH Gallery's second edition of the Walking Treasures exhibition poses that very question to which it is always difficult to provide an answer. The Exhibition promotes the creations of artists and designers who, through their work, investigate into the absolute concepts of space and nature, popular themes in the aesthetic research of the gallery, which has always nurtured a particular affinity with the decorative arts. In fact, ESH Gallery wants to give voice to artists who express themselves through materials linked to quality craftsmanship, such as glass, ceramics and metal, in a mixture between contemporary research and traditional background. On display are the works of young Italian artists who celebrate the nobility of materials like wood, bronze, porcelain, gold and silver, through shapes that are often architectonic and minimal. But, thanks to the timeless elegance of the jewellery by the preeminent glass artist, Ōki Izumi, and a selection of aesthetically elegant and delicate pieces by Yoko Takirai, the Exhibition also offers a glimpse of the East.

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