Club degli Orafi at Vicenzaoro

Here the topics of the conference organized by the Club degli Orafi on “Driving digital and technology innovation in the jewelry business”. Where? Next Sunday in Vicenzaoro

  • Alexandra Trosin, General Manager of Club degli Orafi

    Alexandra Trosin, General Manager of Club degli Orafi

«The aim of bringing the most innovative topics and insights of the moment to our members and the market in general is in the Club degli Orafi’s DNA and the conference that we are organizing today expresses the best of this heritage.» This was how Alexandra Trosin, General Manager of Club degli Orafi and event moderator that will take place this Sunday in Vicenzaoro, began. To complete this introduction, Gabriele Aprea, President of the Club and of Chantecler S.p.A., added a specification: «New technologies and digital consumers can no longer be ignored, neither can we afford to remain anchored to management mechanisms and traditional selling systems. Thanks to illustrious experts, we will try to explain how the jewelry world can approach exponential technologies and how such technologies can improve the Customer Journey and transform a company’s entire value chain, starting from the prototype and going right through to after-sales assistance». And then we come to the individual topics of the panel, as Trosin mentioned: «The majority of Italian jewelry companies does not have an internal technological research and development department that is not directly linked to a product. Companies therefore find it hard to reap the new opportunities that digital and technological transformation offers. But this does not mean staying on the outside. Quite the opposite. One possible route could be to rely on and exchange views with the world of innovative start-ups which offer products and services able to accompany companies along the digital transformation road, which has now become strategic. Alceo Rapagna - CEO at Italy & Global Strategy Officer in Startupbootcamp, Innoleaps and The Talent Institute, will speak exactly about this, going into details of the way in which synergic bonds can be created between Made in Italy corporate businesses and start-ups. Instead Mario Bonardo, Playmaker and CEO for Sense – Immaterial Reality, will take us to the world of augmented reality. What does it mean? That product experience can and must go well beyond the physical, that is, off-line, experience. For example, an Italian company in our sector could, by using immaterial reality, allow a customer in Seoul to experience the sensation of wearing a jewelry item specifically created for her, simply by using her iPhone». The conference, as at previous editions, is the result of close collaboration with the trade show company, as Marco Carniello, Manager of the Jewelry & Fashion Department at Italian Exhibition Group S.p.A. testifies: «The Club and its members embody the excellence of our Italian production line: from the big brands to the most exclusive boutiques and on through to the producers of the very best of Made in Italy. Investigating into innovation themes with Club degli Orafi Italia provides an opportunity for entrepreneurial and managerial growth for our entire sector».

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