Vicenzaoro Settembre 2021: Tutti i Goal della Kermesse

Si chiude Vicenzaoro September 2021, con un bilancio positivo di Italian Exhibition Group in termini di presenze, varietà dell’offerta di prodotto e trasversalità dei talk, che hanno messo in luce il meglio del settore. Dalla formazione all’high-tech

"Passion and investment", this is the title of the talk that closed yesterday the three days of meetings signed by VO Vintage, with a debate on these antithetical features of haute horlogerie collecting between two of the most important dealers in Italy, Elvio Piva and Maurizio De Angelis. Guest star, Sandro Fratini, owner of the largest collection in the world valued at over one billion euros. At the same time, in another hall, professor Ugo Pancani held a course of the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie on the history of mechanical movements and the most famous complications of recent times. These are just a few examples of how Vicenza’s event linked to timepieces has now reached international importance, closing the circle of a very well represented supply chain here at the Jewellery Boutique Show, which confirms itself as a reference point for the sector in Europe and with great prospects for growth abroad thanks to upcoming editions in the USA, China and UAE. Passion and investment are also the "engines" that have always driven, and now more than ever, the entire jewellery industry. The latter has finally found itself in Vicenzaoro with an edition with important numbers - over 800 exhibiting companies - leading the way at an international level to a new season of major live trade fairs. A quick overview of what has happened on stage from 10th September to today allows us to grasp some important ideas on which to reflect together and thus face the several challenges on the global market. A great contribution to the training of professionals and not only has been given by the consolidated collaboration between IEG and CIBJO - The World Jewellery Confederation, whose president Gaetano Cavalieri moderated one of the most interesting talks, "The natural diamond and the synthetic diamond between order and chaos ". The focus of the discussion was the need to correctly inform customers and maintain total transparency in relations between the parties as a guarantee not only for customers, but above all for the entire sector. Especially when it comes to Millennials and Generation Z: as a survey revealed, over 90% of respondents are not informed on the issues of ethical sustainability of diamonds. Speaking of raw materials and their supply, the now widespread and transversal issue of sustainability cannot be ignored: the keynote speakers moderated by Fairtrade answered on how to choose an ethical supply chain. Starting from the experience of Peruvian mines, it was highlighted how, through the search for greater transparency, it is possible to direct the procurement of production in order to encourage change. In this, large players like small laboratories can find an ally in the Fairtrade brand, the ethical brand already recognized by 80% of consumers in the world that certifies from the extraction to the processing of gold. On the same wavelength we also find what was said at T. Gold, hub of technology applied to jewellery organized in collaboration with AFEMO - Association of Jewellery Machinery Manufacturers and Exporters which this year, for the first time, took place within the same pavilions of Vicenzaoro. And it is precisely here that those technologies capable of completely revolutionizing the approach to production, also respecting the planet, were showcased, providing a high-quality alternative to natural stones. Finally, many high-tech inputs were collected thanks to Startup & Carats, organized by IEG in collaboration with Agenzia ICE, container of 12 certified startups and innovative SMEs. Scenarios already shaped towards a 4.0 jewel increasingly within reach.

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