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Tracr: In Pursuit of Traceability

by Friday, 07 June 2024

by In Parnership with VO+

With over 2 million rough diamonds already uploaded to its digital platform, Tracr is trying to help facilitate increased transparency in the diamond market. In this interview, Jason McIntosh, COO of Tracr, discusses the potential transformative impact of Tracr, delving into Tracr's mission, innovative processes, key benefits, and partnerships driving its success.   Jason McIntosh: Chief Product Officer    What added value can Tracr bring to the diamond industry?Tracr is providing the technology to help increase transparency and traceability within the diamond sector....

Tuesday, 30 April 2024

Trend Preview F/W 2024: Time to Shine

Monday, 20 May 2024

Zancan’s Dream

Trend Preview F/W 2024: The Cameo Goes Pop

by Wednesday, 19 June 2024

by Antonella Reina

AuSty Lee An ancient carved lava cameo is encased in the Aphrodite Rose brooch, illuminated by rubies and diamonds, skillfully set in an equally masterful white gold frame. HemmerLe /> The aluminum, gold and dia- mond structure of this brooch, which frames an ancient cen- tral cameo in 19th century agate depicting the face of Medusa, is oval, extremely elaborate and extraordinarily contemporary. Amedeo /> Irony and contemporaneity are reflected in a pair of earrings featuring a central agate cameo that captures the iconic expressions of wise monkeys. Adorned with sapphires,...

The Living Jewels of Naida C. Castel

by Monday, 20 May 2024

by Antonella Reina

All Naida C. Castel's pieces are made and sculpted by hand in her Barcelona studio. In the act of creation, the young designer thinks of jewelry as living objects, focusing not only on their tangible value, but also on the connection they might have with the wearer and the emotions they might arouse. Dynamic and sculptural in appearance, each creation is the result of sustainable craftsmanship that recycles the metal scraps produced in the workshop. «It is handcrafted jewelry, designed and made with care using good quality materials, such as gold, silver and raw crystals or precious...


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