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Afrofuturism by Off-White F/W 2023-24 catwalk

by Thursday, 16 November 2023

by Antonella Reina

What kind of jewelry would we be wearing if we had colonized the moon and were living there? Giving us an answer is the extraordinary aesthetic imagination of Ibrahim Kamara, artistic director of Off-White, who, for his second Autumn/Winter 2023 collection, has taken us on a journey into space that is nonetheless rich in earthly memory. In the jewelry as in the outfits, Kamara fuses his childhood memories in Sierra Leone with experimental fantasy ideas. Like car or bicycle wheels that become the circular motifs of large, space-shaped earrings.

Monday, 20 November 2023

Arezzo: The Jewelry Summit Kicks Off

Monday, 20 November 2023

Fura Gems’ Rubies for China Stone

Giovanni Raspini Presents Babylon

by Thursday, 16 November 2023

by VO+ Magazine

Giovanni Raspini's latest creation, presented in Milan last week, is called Babylon. A huge creative effort on the part of the patron, who has generated an extraordinary collection that skillfully combines inspirations from the wonderful world of 1920s and ‘30s Art Deco with the shapes and charm of the animal world. «I have always been fascinated by Art Deco, the movement that was born with the famous Parisian Exhibition of 1925,» says Giovanni Raspini. «But what I like most is the veritable explosion of signs that the new style brought about over a twenty-year period throughout our...

Kismet by Milka X Warner Bros

by Thursday, 16 November 2023

by Maristella Campi

Batman/Bruce Wayne, Superman/Clark Kent and Wonder Woman/Diana Prince are the characters who, with their extraordinary transformations from ordinary men and women to heroes of good, have inspired the new line of jewelry created by Kismet by Milka in collaboration with Warner Bros. The protagonists of DC Comics, a US publishing house specializing in comic books, come out of the big screen and the famous comic strip pages to “inhabit” fun and playful ornaments to be worn with a positive spirit. The brand, founded in Istanbul in 2009 by Milka Karağaçlı, enters this fantasy world by...

Tessa Packard: Exclusivity for All

by Friday, 03 November 2023

by Lorenza Scalisi

The new jewelry from Tessa Packard London's Costume Drama collection is “tailor-made” for the holiday season. The themes that inspire tinkling earrings, multi-colored necklaces and romantic pendants are numerous and always amusing: the glamour of Bollywood, the aggressiveness of rock, flower power, the wild west, the circus and disco music... A selection is already on sale online on the site, while further jewelry will be available for purchase between November and December through Ig and in several London pop-up stores.

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