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Trend Jewelry Notes S/S 2023: Shades of Black

by Monday, 30 January 2023

by Antonella Reina

Sauer The black of obsidian combined with diamonds and gold creates the color combination of the Carlota ring: a sophisticated creation reminiscent of the most avant-garde Art Deco jewelry.    DFLY Paris    Gold coated with carbon in a rigid bracelet with an innovative character. Its contours, softened in a game of beveling, aim to evoke the wind blowing on sand.   Nak Armstrong An ultra-thin, structured frame enhances the intense character of the spinel, reproposed in angular but particularly decorative cuts. 

Vicenzaoro Highlights, January 2023: Doing is Knowing

by Monday, 23 January 2023

by Lorenza Scalisi

The high-tech aspect of Vicenzaoro is now a prevalent skill of the Boutique Show organized by Italian Exhibition Group, which, earlier than any other event, has been able to grasp the innovative aspect that the sector, despite being extraordinarily ancient  and brimming with tradition, increasingly knows how to express every day,  evolving from every angle, in production, communication and business. In particular, Sunday in Vicenza is  usually the day dedicated to the Jewellery Technology Forum, the regular  appointment held as part of T.Gold and organized in...

Vicenzaoro Highlights, January 2023: Strategy of Attraction

by Sunday, 22 January 2023

by Lorenza Scalisi

Until a few years ago, if a young person expressed the desire to enroll in hotel management school to pursue a career as a chef, his parents would most likely tell him to choose another path because that was not preparatory to a cursus honorum worthy of note. Times change, that’s for certain, because today, a chef is a coveted professional figure that opens up many channels, for some, even very profitable television careers. A glaring example that was made during the  Opening Ceremony organized by Italian Exhibition Group for this edition  of Vicenzaoro, in a dialogue between...

Vicenzaoro Highlights, January 2023: A Historic Achievement

by Tuesday, 24 January 2023

by Lorenza Scalisi

The last take at Vicenzaoro January 2023 and the last resumé of  these five days of business and networking, which saw the city involved  in an unprecedented event. Besides the important numbers recorded at the Expo Centre’s turnstiles, in plain view to all concerned, one could not fail to notice the excitement in the air among the stands of the 1,300 exhibitors, key players with their new products at the most prosperous edition in the 70-year history of the event. In a range from fashion jewelry to haute joaillerie by world-famous brands, visitors and buyers from every...

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