In Rome for the New Tiffany Jewel Box

by Monday, 19 July 2021

by Federica Frosini

 It could only be the Eternal City that unveiled the brand new Tiffany Blue Box collection, which opened as if by magic last July 13 in the Roman boutique of the American brand.  Diamonds, spectacular colored stones and jewels with incredible craftsmanship, the undisputed symbol of the American maison, will in fact remain in Rome until August 10 and then resume their grand tour, which will bring this casket of wonders to all Tiffany shop windows around the world.Tiffany Jewel Box overcomes the idea that jewelry must be kept jealously hidden in its case and highlights the...

Monday, 19 July 2021

Bulgari Inaugurates its Rome Paris Axis

ePlay’s “Made-to-Measure” Communication

by Monday, 19 July 2021

by Antonella Reina

When we talk about bespoke, we usually think of elite worlds, such as high fashion or that special jewelry niche which creates items designed around the wearer’s personal desires. However, “made-to-measure” can also be applied to the world of marketing and communication. And ePlay proves it by offering management and communication projects “tailor-made” to the various needs of those operating in the exclusive high-range sector. Just like the skillful hands of a tailor who, with needle, thread and scissors, produces impeccable tailored suits, ePlay proposes modern, purpose-built...

Tagliamonte and the Evergreen Attraction of Medusa

by Monday, 12 July 2021

by Lorenza Scalisi

Inheriting a family business, a historical, internationally recognized brand, is no small-time affair, one that not everyone can face with the right spirit. Giada Tagliamonte, however, has perfectly understood her role: to ferry a brand that has made a career and trademark from an ancient art towards a wider and multi-generational public. Giada is fifth generation and as such, she has the in-house knowledge, savoir-faire and vision that she learned, firstly from her grandfather and then her father, who, in turn were pioneering entrepreneurs, always one step ahead in intercepting new trends...

Gismondi 1754: Emotions to Wear

by Monday, 12 July 2021

by Lorenza Scalisi

"Through our art, we give shape to emotions." Emotions that Massimo Gismondi personally feels which he then capitalizes on and transforms into jewelry collections whose names evoke this important and profound personal experience. And so, Essenza, generated from the desire to deconstruct classic jewelry into something unexpected, taking it back to its minimal elements that have even more strength and character. Aura, which in a game of concentric concave and convex circles recalls the idea of an energy channel for that magical and powerful flow that transits between Universe and Mankind. And...

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