Master-Gold by Vendorafa: An In depth Exploration in the Wonders of Gold

by Monday, 18 January 2021

by Antonella Reina

The first Chapter of the exclusive digital project Master-Gold by Vendorafa, in collaboration with VO+, is now online. Daniela Lombardi, creative director of the Valenza-based company, guides on a passionate journey into a world full of inspiration, amongst both artisan and innovative processes, so that a wider audience can better understand the mechanism lying behind each jewelry creation. It begins with an in-depth study of gold, starting from its discovery, which took place around 6.000 years ago in Mesopotamia, up to its use in contemporary jewelry.

Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Qudini: The New Idea for Retail

The Plus 50: Retail

by Wednesday, 20 January 2021

by VO+ Magazine

There is the Virtual Room and the Virtual Show, the Pop-Up Shop and Remote Bidding for on-line auctions, all aimed at involving the customers and directing them towards “Click & Pay”. And then there is the largest b2b data-exchange platform in the luxury, fashion, beauty and home sectors, that pulls the strings of a network of thousands of brands worldwide. Welcome to the “stores” of the future.  Qudini, Agency Connect, Joor, Clientbook, House of Luxury, Amanqi, Sothebys

The Italian “hero products”

by Tuesday, 12 January 2021

by Lorenza Scalisi

«In recent times, women have adopted new habits in the use of jewels: they always wear them, and they want them to be versatile, suitable from morning till night. Such a concept is very different from that of our parents, still fond of the idea of big and striking cocktail rings, to show off only at big events. Americans appreciate Italian jewelry since 18k is practically the standard, and because of high quality craftsmanship. A mix of passion, technology and excellent manual skill. And FOPE interprets this change perfectly: a man knows that, if for instance he’s given a Flex’it, this...

Mabina Gioielli Launches the First Men's Collection

by Monday, 18 January 2021

by Federica Frosini

Mabina Gioielli marks its debut in the men's jewelry segment, taking advantage of its twenty years of experience in the sector and offering original creations that focus on the value of authenticity, the concept of the entire collection and of the communication campaign. The men's jewelery market is worth about 20/25% of the total, it is a market in great evolution and growth, a decidedly current trend and the new Mabina Uomo collection fits into this context with an innovative offer. «The collection comes from the needs of the market and consumers. We have listened to give life to a...

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