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Jewelry Is a Matter of Scale

by Monday, 01 August 2022

by Federica Frosini

From the maxi sculpture to the micro jewel and vice versa. A dimensional journey revolving around the concept of scale and the value of its development, from large to small and back. The spirit of this journey is explained by Chinese artist Wallace Chan, taking his cue from his latest gigantic work on show in Venice, and Lebanese sculptor Marie Khouri, the author of ambitious sculptures and just as many petit bijoux   It is a question of scale as well as dialogue between materials and time. An approach shared by two all-round artists, Marie Khouri and Wallace Chan, who are so distant...

Monday, 25 July 2022

Stefano Marchetti's Revolutionary Concept

Âgée Project by LIL Milan

by Monday, 01 August 2022

by VO+ Magazine

Sustainability can be expressed in different ways. Veronica Varetta, founder of LIL Milan, has chosen the road to bringing jewelry that has already had a life back into the light, making the past, memory and beauty shine through. This is the concept of the “Âgée” project, which revolves around vintage jewelry in gold and precious stones, each item different to the other, with no need of further extraction of metals and precious stones. Already available on agee.world and in the LIL House in Milan, each piece is ready to interpret a contemporary story.

The Quintessence of Femininity of Annette Welander’s New Ring

by Monday, 25 July 2022

by VO+ Magazine

A color reminiscent of romance for a jewel that interprets the dream of dreams: “Ondulation Ring”, from Annette Welander’s new collection of the same name, which also includes a series of rings, earrings and a bracelet, is in 18-carat rose gold set with Fancy Pink 5P-5PP diamonds responsibly-sourced from the famous Argyle mine, now closed, in Western Australia. Ideal for celebrating an anniversary or solemnizing a bond, such as an engagement or wedding, it stands out for its curved shape inspired by 20th century Scandinavian architecture.

Hidden Diamonds: A New Must

by Monday, 18 July 2022

by Antonella Reina

The king of precious stones, the object of desire par excellence, diamond has always played a leading role in jewelry. Cuts, settings and designs are created to reveal its quality and brilliance and allow the gemstone to shine in all its impeccable beauty. However, there is a modern taste with a particularly discreet character through which contemporary designers have begun to explore a new, more intimate and personal idea of its preciousness. An understatement trend that places the diamond in a secondary, but no less important, position, shifting the focus onto highly original designs,...

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