Meet The Buyer: Zayan Ghandour

by Federica Frosini

«The concept grew organically from what started as a fine jewellery corner in our Sauce stores. The category was doing really well, as we helped launch many designers (such as Nadine Kanso’s Bil Arabi), and we felt there was not only a demand for new,  interesting fine jewellery design, but also a wealth of designers who were creating some really wonderful things,» says Zayan Ghandour, founder of Sauce Rocks. What Sauce Rocks looks for are designers that stand out in their individuality, with collections that are rich in inspiration and showcase the most exquisite details, reflecting their story and the finest stones. «As the market grew and evolved over the years, Zayan continues, so did the demand for contemporary fine jewellery. We started to see a real appetite for modern pieces, that had more individuality and a stronger backstory - which is how Sauce Rocks came to be...

Monday, 13 November 2017

VOD Dubai International Jewellery Show: the New Vision

Monday, 06 November 2017

Destinazione Micromosaico: Sicis Jewels in Exhibition

In conversation with Jacob Abrian

by Federica Frosini

Arab Fashion Week (AFW). How was the project born? Analysing the success of similar business models such as the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), British Fashion Council (BFC), Camera Nazionale della Moda Italian (CNMI) and the Chambre Syndical de la Couture et de la Prêt-à-Porter, we understood that fashion weeks have always served as a main platform to present the compilation of the designers members of those councils, helping the media and buyers to connect with the industry and supports the Councils in achieving their vision. The first Arab Fashion Week (AFW) was launched on November 2015 in Dubai and till now we have already organised 4 editions. For the 5th edition (November 15-19th), we have signed a partnership with MERAAS, one of the leading Dubai-based companies, with a mandate to celebrate the Arab Fashion Week (AFW) in a citywide activation by...

Learn More About Diamonds with Martin Roscheisen from Diamond Foundry

by vo

Lab-Grown Diamonds have been in production since the 1950s, used commercially for weapons and machinery, yet only now are these man-made gemstones starting to gain traction in the consumer jewelry market, with the US taking the lead. While the traditional jewelry industry finds itself confused by their arrival, tech companies in Silicon Valley like Diamond Foundry are throwing money and influence at these alternative diamonds. While they have never been near a pit, these gems should not be confused with synthetic stones. Made in labs using technology that mimics the same geological pressures that create diamonds beneath the earth’s surface, they are nearly gemmologically identical to mined diamonds. The retail price, though, is 30% less. Within Diamond Foundry’s headquarters in California, it uses proprietary technology to grow diamonds up to 9cts in size within weeks, and has an...

Monday, 13 November 2017

L’Azurde: 40 Years of Awards

Monday, 13 November 2017

Giordini: The Italian Way to Gold

Monday, 13 November 2017

Oro Trend: The Distinctive Pictorial Sensitivity

Monday, 13 November 2017

Fair Line: The Value of the Jewel Made In Italy

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