The world’s premier jewellery publication

VO+ Magazine is a leading, International jewellery publication, that strives to be the most influential, creative and unique magazine in the jewellery industry.


Ph: Federica Simoni
Stylist: Giulia Querenghi
Gioielli: Sicis

As the world’s premier jewellery lifestyle platform, VO+ inspires customers with an innovative blend of old and new influences to create a ‘new classic’ magazine: the highest editorial, visual and photographic standards mixed with contemporary and trend-setting sensibility.

Innovative, a new classic, one-of-a-kind, contemporary: the key concepts of a global and multi-faceted editorial platform.

Influential, international, complete. The VO+ editorial line aims at removing boundaries between sectors, focusing on cross-fertilization of jewellery, fashion, accessories and design.

VO+ provides targeted information on products, trends and  emerging markets.

VO+  keeps abreast of the very latest in jewels, in style and in quality that go hand in hand with sophisticated, fine craftsmanship.

VO+ features analysis on current affairs, interviews with leading figures, articles by influential writers, with a focus on economics, marketing and retail and an emphasis on  world events, from celebrities on the red carpet to auctions, from jewellery exhibitions to luxury accessories.

As the world’s premier jewellery and lifestyle editorial platform, VO+ offers a unique opportunity to engage with customers on a global scale. VO+ helps to increase brand awareness and to drive sales by making the VO+ editorial platform your top marketing partner.


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