Isabelle Langlois' Jewelry BoX

Isabelle Langlois brings memories to the fore with timeless skill, thanks to the infinite number of hues of her beloved colored stones

Dreams are always where it starts. And when you’ve been entrusting them to a pencil and many, many sheets of paper since when you were little, it is no surprise that, as an adult, you find yourself as one of the most exciting jewelry designers on the scene, in France and abroad.  We are talking about Isabelle Langlois. And, by getting in touch with her “inner child”—she grew up in a family of stone cutters in the Jura region—she was able to  save notebooks full of drawings of flowers, leaves, butterflies and ladybugs over the years. With time, she was able to bring them to life with the stones she loved the most. She received a degree from the prestigious EDHEC, and, thanks to the seven years she spent in a jewelry workshop that manufactured pieces for the important brands of Place Vendôme, Isabelle understood how her dreams of nature needed to become reality. She launched the Isabelle Langlois jewelry label in 1992, and then opened a boutique in Paris in Rue de la Paix. In this unique and secret “jewelry box,” Isabelle, along with her faithful creative team, designs jewels by assembling colors and shapes thanks to an “archive” of almost 70,000 colored stones. She received us at VICENZAORO with her contagious smile, immersed in her unique, precious “garden” surrounded by rings from the Emotion Poire collection with a riot of blue topazes, tsavorites, Ceylon sapphires, cordierite, and cascades of diamonds. Then there are the feathers in the sparkling, glamorous Panache and the Bois pendants in wood that bring to mind holidays spent in Jura along with her grandfather René. Family memories can also be found in the Galaxie collection, which Isabelle designed thinking about the epidote her grandfather gave her as a child. A multicolored stone that didn’t filter light, which she has reworked until rays of light have made it more luminous.

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