Federica Frosini

Art Director
Elena Papageorghiou

Vo-Plus.com is the official website of VO+ Jewels & Luxury Magazine, a publication edited by Italian Exhibition Group S.p.A. Registration at Tribunale di Vicenza No. 492, 1984.

Editorial team

Senior Editor
Lorenza Scalisi

Antonella Reina

Editor‬‬ial Office
Rossella Bevivino

Advertising team

Group Publisher
Laura Cappelletti

Sales Director
Ilaria Valerio

Sales Manager – Italy
Augusta Ascolese

Sales Manager – International
Giselle Biasin

Ilaria Valerio


Studio Editoriale S.r.l.
Via Garofalo 31 – 20133 Milano


VO+ Magazine is edited by Italian Exhibition Group S.p.A. (all rights reserved) ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SpA All rights reserved Via Emilia 155, 47921 Rimini

Lorenzo Cagnoni

Managing Director
Corrado Facco

Executive Vice President
Matteo Marzotto

Deputy Managing Director
Carlo Costa

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