Toilette Set, the precious set of articles for grooming signed by De Simone

During the Milano Furniture Fair 2016, the maison De Simone of Torre del Greco strengthens its collaboration with Studio Irvine with a new project presented by Wallpaper Handmade 2016.

A shoehorn, a mirror, a hairbrush, a compact mirror: these are the articles of Toilette Set, all lined up on a 19th century toilette. The idea comes from designers Marialaura Rossiello and Maddalena Casadei and is created by the skillful artisan hands of De Simone’s company, where the cameo is the absolute protagonist. These objects speak directly to our memory; they’re objects of desire, of maternal emulation, family items to inherit. The ivory is the material these objects are wrapped into, while the cameo is rigorously handmade. These items are customizable. The cameo can be made upon request: it can depict a profile, an initial, a detail of the body, a symbol that holds a secret or a story worth telling. De Simone created tales of timeless elegance that perfectly match contemporary design where tradition and innovation converse with perfect harmony, thus creating precious, charming objects in the name of Made in Italy.

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