Jewellery à la mode

Jewellery à la mode

The new exhibition at Palazzo Reale in Milan


Jewellery meets fashion at the next exhibition ‘Gioielli alla Moda’ hosted by Palazzo Reale in Milan, from 8 to 20 November 2016. Among the beautiful spaces of Sala degli Arazzi, the show will present over 500 pieces created by the most famous master costume jewellers, talented young designers, international fashion brands and small artisans since World War II to our days. Guests will have the chance to explore the strong relationship between Jewellery and Fashion, looked at from the perspective of the interplay with Italian style, manufacture and aesthetics, discovering creations which have served as the aesthetic reflection of an evolving society, women’s conquests and ambitions, with a finger on the pulse of style and technological progress.


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Gioielli alla Moda Marni Microrganismi PE2013 necklace

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Gioielli alla Moda Sveva Collection Collezione Scorfanea 2016

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Gioielli alla Moda Ermanno Scervino PE2014 corset

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The objects will be divided into 3 major sections:

Jewels FOR Fashion, dedicated to the main Italian costume jewellers and pieces of excellence;

Jewels OF Fashion, dedicated to independent designers and brands, with a focus on creative processes;

Jewels WITH Fashion, dedicated to the major designers and how jewellery can interact with clothing.

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