The Pearl Necklace

The Pearl Necklace

A journey through time on how to wear pearls


In collaboration with Mikimoto, Assouline launched a new iconic book: The Pearl Necklace, a beautiful volume exploring the use of Pearl Necklace through time, with inspirations on how to wear pearls from Renaissance Queens to Hollywood starlets. From a symbol of feminine purity, an emblem of tradition, a quintessential heirloom to an opportunity for reinvention.


The Pearl Necklace Assouline


The Pearl Necklace has adapted chameleon-like across centuries to become an expression of changing ideals of womanhood and of a woman’s place in the world. In 1893, Kokichi Mikimoto unlocked the secret for creating perfectly cultured pearls and today almost all pearls sold worldwide are cultured pearls. From Tokyo to London, Beijing to New York, Mikimoto’s beautiful designs continue to enrapture and delight.

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