The new Dior art project

The new Dior art project

Seven artist interpreted the iconic Lady Dior bag


Art meets fashion in the new project by Dior, #DiorLadyArt. The French Maison asked to six new British and American artists to use their creativity re-imagining the iconic Lady Dior handbag. The photographer Matthew Porter created an automobile-inspired design, featuring a car suspended in mid-air, while the American Daniel Gordon revisited his 'Cannage' motif to come up with a spontaneous, graphic print produced in black and white mink fur. UK creative Mat Collishaw incorporated two butterflies with velvety soft wings, and British Jason Martin created 3D undulating 'curves' across his version of the bag, to suggest organic movement. Ian Davenport, also from the UK, reinterpreted his 'Colorfall' painting series, made by using syringes to inject paint onto aluminum or stainless steel, to create one of his bags. Chris Martin focused on colors, creating a vibrant design for his bag. The costumed new models will soon be unveiled in the Miami boutique, in a pop-up store in Los Angeles, then in London and China.






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