A Crown for Miss China

"Silk Road" is the name of the crown created for Miss China. With thousand of sapphires, diamonds and pearls

The crown, named Silk Road, is made of Pt900 and weighs over 470 grams. It is made of 88 karat Sri Lankan sapphires, 6 brilliant sapphires, over 1200 graded sapphires, more than 2,300 brilliant cut diamonds, and 900 multi-grain rose cut diamond composition. The design of the substrate is twists and turns of the soft lines, the outline of these lines from the designer of the "Belt and Road" line art recreate. "Silk Road Flying" can be said that the new Silk Road Industry Group cross-border build the first unique crown after the world. The word "cross-border" has always been deeply rooted in the new Silk Road genesis. As a 29-year-old fashion complex, the Silk Road Silk Road Group has been walking all the way since 1989 and has developed into a large-scale event, commercial real estate, artist broker, education and training, cultural industries, marriage industry, fashion industry, content production, property management for the main business of international and modern integrated cultural enterprises. After nearly 30 years of stormy history, today's new Silk Road is not only recognized by all walks of life as "the cradle of Chinese supermodel" and "the bridge to the world", but also an advocate of the Chinese fashion lifestyle and Chinese fashion culture.

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