Meet the Buyer: Lauren Kulchinsky Levison

Canada, USA and Brazil. These are the markets we have observed through the watchful eye of three exceptional buyers. To understand how and why this ancient trade is changing

  •  Lauren Kulchinsky Levison

    Lauren Kulchinsky Levison

«I always understood my role of buyer at Mayfair Rocks as being different than the traditional one. We only sell designers we believe in. Every year we focus on an idea and then make our selections. We are well known for believing in new designers and for transforming some of them into true stars. If you’re looking for true talent, there is one place you have to go: to Vicenzaoro in Italy, where I suggest you don’t miss a single showcase. There, I generally speak to young people just coming up in this world, but in reality, you don’t have to go to the fair for this. I made some of the best discoveries at the parties. I remember one time at Couture in Las Vegas about twenty years ago. I was at a pool party and I was talking to someone named Lisa Jordan. She was wearing an in- credible turquoise ring. I asked her right away what stand the designer was at, and she said he wasn’t showing at Couture, but he would be in NY the following week. That designer was Stephen Webster. Speaking of the relationship with the clientele, it’s more casual, and very different in general. When people buy a jewel, they often ask me, «But can I wear it all the time? Even when I am exercising?» I would like to respond: «Would you wear gloves in the pool?». Instagram is also changing things. Everyone posts their products and the prices. So, surprising clients is becoming more challenging. In terms of clearly publishing the price of a jewel on Instagram, I don’t think it’s a good idea: customers don’t want to own something whose price is known to everyone. Vintage jewelry or modern collection pieces are withstanding these attacks. I adore designers who are master goldsmiths, like Kristen Farrell and Lydia Courteille, who work with their own aesthetic. I love Loree Rodkin, she can even change a vintage brooch into a ring. This way, she uses her aesthetic and at the same time, recycles precious raw materials. Top!»

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