The Emotions of Rosato's Charms

“Contemporaneity means thinking outside the box”. Valerio Beleggia, brand manager for Bros Manifatture trademarks, is certain of it and does not hide his preference for lines by Rosato. He tells us why

Brosway, S'agapõ, Rosato, Pianegonda. Which of the brands you follow is most dear to you? I am particularly fond of Rosato which, in recent years, has strengthened its identity, obtaining the success we were confident of achieving. It is a brand with an enormously pleasant aesthetic image that offers an extremely feminine style, able to transmit considerable energy. For me, maintaining brand coherence and turning it into an increasingly unique project is a real mission.

In your opinion, what was the secret of this success and what is the brand’s strongpoint now? Definitely having re-invented the concept of charms, which have always and exclusively been considered as lucky and were mainly used for protection against something. With Rosato’s latest collection, charms have become a contemporary accessory which bring with them powerful meanings and contain real emotions. 

What will be new from Rosato at the Show? One of the highlights is “Memories from the Future”, a new collection inspired by the moon-landing era and that widespread desire for the future that reigned during that time. All the charms speak of love, travels, friendship, conquests, changes. And they do it through amusing and original symbols, such as mini robots called “Jack-Bot”, “Rob-Mantic” and “Teddy-Bot”.

Your factory is in the Marche region. How tied to the territory are you and how do you manage to keep up with the latest trends? The Marche is a region that, in itself, encompasses the concept of plurality, of “a lot”. Our territory is rich, not only in terms of greenery and nature, but also in art and culture. This contributes to making us really open-minded.

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