The Magical World of Alessio Boschi at VicenzaOro September

For the first time, Alessio Boschi is bringing his talent and creativity to VicenzaOro and, as he himself says, he has a number of surprises for the Italian public

  • candy stripe peony

    candy stripe peony

«VicenzaOro next September will be a homecoming»
«We will take you by the hand and lead you into the magical world of our shining fairytales so that you can discover the love and passion encased within every item of our jewelry.» The words of Alessio Boschi, the Italian designer, famous for his creative and surprising style and who left Italy a while ago, are both enthusiastic and exciting. His first attendance at VicenzaOro next September will be a homecoming for him. «I think that, commercially-speaking, VicenzaOro is the most valid solution on which to bet: a pleasant launching pad where companies from all over the world can display their collections in an elegant, dynamic and creative environment.» And the context in which Boschi has chosen to exhibit his jewelry is also particularly creative. In fact, the designer is among the new entries in The Design Room, the area reserved for international independent designers that has always been located inside the Icon district and which, for the first time, is staging its January format at the September edition. And in regard to the creations we will be able to admire, Alessio discloses, «For VicenzaOro in September, we will be focusing on the Historica collection which is this year's prime product, but we will also be promoting the ‘Peacock Dance’'Dandy' and ‘The Antique Journey’ lines. The biggest surprise will be some unique and absolutely unprecedented pieces that we are now putting the finishing touches to: a way to honor the public of sector buyers, journalists and experts attending the Show and to celebrate our homecoming to Italy

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    fish brooch

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    catching the mouse brooch

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    the Sicily pendant

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    seahorse brooches

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