A New Venue for the Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana in Milan

The historic Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana adds a new venue in Milan with the aim of focusing on the contemporary market

Luca Solari, founder of the Milan Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana in 1995, together with his brother Guido Solari, will inaugurate a new venue of the school in via Tortona 26, in Milan, this November. Located in the heart of a very creative district, the new place will be focused on the demands of the contemporary market, offering over 20 courses, including the Goldsmithing Courses, High Jewelery, Jewel Repair, Embedding, Jewelery Design, Cantilever and Cesello and Gemmology.

  • From left. Luca Solari and Guido Solari

    From left. Luca Solari and Guido Solari

A new work environment with high-tech equipment to meet the needs of the great brands

«This opening marks an important milestone - says Guido Solari, director of the new venue - the next step will bring this school more and more towards high technology, thus achieving excellence in the quality of the product, to respond in terms of training to the requests of the most important jewelry company with which we collaborate.»

The place was born with the desire of creating a new work environment with high-tech equipment to meet the needs of the great brands with which they collaborate, like for example Damiani, and on the other hand, as an answer to the considerable increase of the number of applications in the last period: the SOA directed by Luca Solari, in fact, has now become a landmark for all those who are interested in learning about the most important techniques related to the Italian goldsmith’s art - the importance of passing on the knowledge that is part of the Italian heritage is one of the basis of the school's philosophy.


«Today the jewelry market is booming and this generates expectations and new opportunities for young people – states Guido Solari - , we deal with training for many of the major brands, it is our job to respond to this new request and we did it with a strong commitment: the opening of a new venue in Via Tortona 26

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