Aida Bergsen at Christie’s

For the first time, on the 4th of December, the Istanbul based jeweler and sculptor, Aida Bergsen will take part at a Christie’s event in Paris

  • the fauna brooch

    the fauna brooch

Last year, Aida Bergsen was awarded as first runner-up at Couture Show Design Awards. As in 2011 and 2014 editions. Now it’s time for a new chapter: Mrs. Bergsen will be at Christie’s Auction in Paris on the 4th of December. She has been chosen among the designers included within the book 'Women Jewellery Designers' written by Juliet Weir de La Rochefoucauld, an historically important document for the women designers in fine jewelry. Aida Bergsen creates jewelry with different themes that reflect traces of her hometown and its multi-layered cultural fiber. She draws inspiration mainly from mythological heroes, organic forms and the human anatomy. Each of her wearable sculptures are meticulously crafted in wax, then transformed into timeless jewels using traditional techniques. The Fauna Brooch has been chosen by Christie’s for the December auction'Fine Jewels' within the five jewelry designers presented in the book. Fauna brooch belongs to the Collection 'Convolvulus Sepium' with Turquerie color palette: one of the five pieces in limited edition, it is hand carved and hand crafted by using traditional techniques. 18k yellow gold is used with diamonds, green garnets, rubies, corals and vitreous enamel. The estimated price is between 14,000 and 16,000 €.

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