AMEN: An Important Story

In the new Amen jewelry commercial, a father tells his daughter the story of Jesus’ life, giving her the Vita Christi bracelet

  • caption from the spot

    caption from the spot

Amen tells an important story through an emotional spot starring a father and his daughter at a poignant moment in her life. It’s the evening before her First Communion or Confirmation, a special day, as special as the bracelet Amen created for this occasion and others. As they say in the commercial, “This is not simply a jewel, it is a story that has been handed down for years, a story that He himself knows how to tell.” In fact, the bracelet summarizes the life of Jesus and each bead represents a moment and each charm is a symbol. It begins with a star, which recalls the Christmas Star, and continues with the entire story, with 34 charms or beads that end in a heart, a symbol of his great love for people. This jewel holds great meaning for those who are religious but as owner Giovanni Licastro explains, it can have spiritual value, bringing one closer to their faith and being useful at various times of the day. He adds that this is definitely a precious gift for those who in this period receive sacraments through First Communion and Confirmation, but it wasn’t only made for this. Anyone can wear this jewel, regardless of their religious choices, because it tells the story of life, from birth to death. A journey with various vicissitudes, reminding us that life is  made up of encounters with special people you carry in your heart like precious jewels.

  • vita christi bracelet

    vita christi bracelet

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