Antonini: Accomplishments That Count

On behalf of collections by Antonini, an Italian tour that takes with it unique design and manufacturing pride: from Milan, its home city, comes “Cento100”, the line that celebrates the company’s first one hundred years

The Antonini showroom is located in the Sala degli Affreschi of the thirteenth-century Palazzo Borromeo, which holds an important piece of Milan’s noble past. Sergio Antonini ‘draws’ and interprets the third chapter of the family saga in this setting, saturated in history and beauty. «I adore my city, particularly this area of old Milan, which tells of the ancient arts: Via Spadari and Via Orefici are a stone’s throw away and there are galleries and museums that transmit an energy and passion for art around every corner. This is what fuels me every day,» explains the designer, whose award collection also includes a prestigious Diamond International Award. «The bond with the territory and with the artisanal traditions of our wonderful country has always been a guiding theme in Antonini creations. That’s why the names recall specific places, which in the collective imagination mean beauty, character and culture. After Matera, Syracuse and Etna, there’s Cento100, which celebrates our ‘first’ hundred years, but it’s also the name of the city in Emilia,» continues the designer. «To realize it, even before the design, I started with a concept: to create extremely wearable jewels, uninhibited and simple objects that are as essential as possible, things we always have with us, without being a hindrance. So that’s why I chose pure, polished gold, often even without the added value of a precious stone. A comfortable, ‘informal’ and ready-to-wear item, with perfect fine-jewelry manufacture and with respect for an entirely Italian production chain.» At first glance, Cento100 almost seems to recall the soft and sinuous forms of Anniversary, one of the jewelry house’s most successful lines, launched in 2009 for its ninetieth anniversary. This ‘update’ explodes though with the one-of-a-kind strength of shiny, brilliant yellow and white gold, for extra-long sautoirs – 110 cm – with the infinity symbol in six different sizes and versions, in addition to rings and earrings that illuminated by bursts of light from stones set at 45-degree angles until becoming full diamond pavè. This collection is a tribute to the tastes of the markets the brand has always considered reference points: The US, where white gold and large volumes have always been favored, and Japan on the other side, which focuses on minimal chic. Not to mention Russia where yellow gold rules. An interesting crossing of styles, made into a few but already iconic pieces.

«The collection Cento100 not only celebrates Antonini’s first one hundred years, but also our link with a geographical area and with the ancient crafts of our country», states Sergio Antonini. The messages that this new collection aims to transmit are multiple, including, and above all, that important achievement reached by the Milanese company, founded in 1919.  A century that has witnessed style and fashion evolutions and during which three generations have taken over the company management and known how to create trends. At first glance, Cento100 almost seems reminiscent of the soft and twisting shapes of Anniversary, one of the brand’s most iconic lines, launched in 2009 to mark its 90th birthday. However, this reappearance explodes with the unique and absolute power of shining yellow and white gold in super-long chains, rings and earrings that light up with stones set at 45 degrees to further emphasize the play on light. One hundred percent sparkle then, for what is a tribute to the taste of the markets that have always been those of reference for Antonini: the United States on the one hand, where white gold and significant volumes are very much loved, and Japan on the other, which aims more at minimal chic. A crossing of styles that can be found in these essential and clean lines and which is also making a comeback in the Russian area, where yellow gold has always triumphed. Yet another advantage in the choice of the collection’s name is that it recalls an real physical and geographical place in Italy: Cento, a city in Emilia, whose roots date back to the Roman Age, follows “Matera”, “Siracusa” and “Etna”, best sellers and now icons of a company that makes Made in Italy – one hundred per cent – its crowning glory.

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