Digital Hopping: Four Online Destinations


An online scout to discover four unusual worlds that offer new digital experiences, from the most glamorous to the most ‘Navajo’, to then dive into the world of art jewels Called a ‘shopping cloud,’ it is being promoted by the Alternatives gallery in Rome, which is exclusively dedicated to art jewels, innovation and ideas, values that go beyond the preciousness of the materials.

  • A very special way of seeing sales, with a meticulous selection that ‘lives’ through the content of Stories and two ‘Apartments’ in New York and Los Angeles.


  • ‘Forget the look. Buy the life’. A claim that combines the concept of an online magazine with that of a concept store. A 'place' that features a personality and his or her style to shop. Dive into the Navajo world, thanks to the insight of sisters Vicky and Jessie, who through this digital universe rich in turquoise and silver, promote over 4,000 Native American artists.

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