How to Invest in Gold with Menē

Diana W. Picasso, granddaughter of Pablo, is the founder of Menē:
a new brand with a simple and original idea, bringing the ancient value of jewelry to life with pieces destined to be timeless

«I adore the sense of intimacy inherent in a jewel»
There is just one essential word to describe 24-carat gold: purity. But many more are needed to introduce Menē, the new brand making its debut in the jewelry world with a simple yet revolutionary idea, thanks to a sophisticated look and solid principles for ethics and transparency. You could start with the declarations of one of the founders, Diana Widmaier Picasso, Maya’s daughter and Pablo’s granddaughter. And she shares not just a passion for art, but one for jewelry, with her legendary grandfather: «I specialize in modern art and sculpture, as well as the work of my grandfather, Pablo Picasso. He, like many important artists, has produced many jewels for people he loved, children and friends. I adore the sense of intimacy inherent in a jewel.

Gold as a precious investment
Until recently, handing family jewels down from generation to generation was a traditional value, I would almost say fundamental. Today, jewels are treated like disposable items. I want Menē to contribute to re-establishing the tradition of being so attached to a jewel that we want to keep it and wear it forever.» Convinced that gold can give incomparable positive energy, Diana W. Picasso founded Menē with writer and businessman Roy Sebag, and she collaborates on the creative end with designer Sunjoo Moon. Together, they have given life to a line entirely realized in 24-carat gold and platinum – natural and indestructible noble metals, extracted fairly and sustainably in gold mines in Nevada, Usa, and Ontario, Canada. The company practices transparent pricing as well, adding only 20% on top of the market value of gold.

Jewelry becomes not just a beautiful accessory to wear, but also a new way of making a precious investment.

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