In Lebole: New In at Lebole Gioielli

In Lebole is the new brand just launched by Lebole Gioielli

Labels as wearable jewels. Shapes recalling art, folk culture and fashion that turn into fashion bijoux. These are the highlights of the new In Lebole brand, the second line created by Lebole Gioielli. The Made in Italy brand takes us on a new journey with a high creative series of jewels. The new brand was launched to combine industrial production and culture at an affordable price. Inspired by a contemporary audience that is fascinated by the suggestions of images, the creations interpret the same concept of aesthetic and material research of all the Lebole Gioielli’s collections. And as always, they keep a story to tell.

There are two collections. "The Tag" gives new life to clothing labels, making them the protagonists of glamorous and fun accessories. A tribute to the labels used to make high fashion clothes recognizable, which were first introduced by Charles Frederick Worth. To become jewelry, the embroidered labels are matched with galvanized brass, gold and colored natural stones.

  • the tag colletcion

    the tag colletcion

The Shape collection, on the other hand, offers earrings and necklaces with loom-embroidered shapes that are then padded, so that they become thick and turn into three-dimensional jewelry. Always mounted in galvanized brass, gold and colored natural stones combined with the shades of the threads used to weave them.

  • The Shape collection

    The Shape collection

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