IVI's golden season

After signing the first Agnona jewelry collection, Ivi Kiratzi launches the Hollywood Gold collection, a tribute to her beloved L.A. and the style of the Fab '70.

There is a subtle but precious thread that unites the historic Agnona brand and the emerging designer Ivi Kiratzi. In fact, the Piedmontese company decided to entrust its first jewelry collection to this young Cypriot creative. Founded in 1953 and soon becoming a supplier of luxury fabrics for fashion houses such as Balenciaga, Balmain, Cardin and Chanel, and from the 70s onwards a real fashion house, Agnona has today as creative director Simon Holloway. An original duo, that of Simon and Ivi, whose synergy and mutual proactivity has borne fruit: the result is a collection full of freshness and unconventional shapes, freely inspired by the origins of the company, the fine yarns precisely. A "first time" that seems to be the beginning of a fruitful collaboration. But Ivi does not seem to be able to wait and never really stop: although at the beginning of her career as a jewelry designer, started in October 2016 thanks to the goldsmith entrepreneur Gabriele Veneri, her first mentor and "sponsor", Ivi has recently launched also "Hollywood Gold", a collection that pays homage to her adopted city, Los Angeles, reinterpreting the unmistakable style of a twenty-year "gold", that included between the 70s and 90s: earcuffs, pendants, chains, chevalier and bold earrings, to be worn alone or "stacked", as Ivi suggests, for those who love and look for a look with a strong personality that does not go unnoticed. Jewels, and projects, that of Agnona and "Hollywood Gold", which "intersected" each other, having as a common denominator a factor: the high quality, in terms of manufacturing, materials and stylistic research, and all Made in Arezzo.

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