Mattioli Gioielli: The 'Candy' Game

Much irony and playful spirit for the new collection of the Turin jewelry house

It is the Fuksas lantern, a futuristic location in the heart of Rome, to act as a dreamlike setting for the launch of the latest collection conceived by Licia Mattioli and developed by its close-knit team of over a hundred artisans and designers of art jewelery. The name? Candy, playful as the spirit that has always inspired the fashion house, recognized and recognizable for the abundant use of brightly colored precious stones, which in past collections, such as Puzzle, were also replaceable with others. A sort of high-level transformation, which often dares and above all with the most precious raw materials, such as white and colored diamonds, marine water and rubies. Candy identifies itself for its soft and captivating shapes that recall those of sweets, candies, as well as colors, with bright and lively nuances, or even soft, more in pastel tones. Nine creations, which have as a recurring motif that of the pavè of white diamonds and cabochon, alternating with amethysts, topazes, marine water and peridot. The resulting palette is a mix of purple, blue, light blue and green, for rings with large dimensions and chandelier earrings that promise not to go unnoticed.

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