Mediterranean Glamour. By Pippo Perez

From the Piazzetta in Capri to Neiman Marcus in New York: here is the evolutionary path, and style, of the 'ladybird's brand'

The Auspicious Mood
«Being superstitious is ignorant, but not being ... it hurts». Edoardo De Filippo knew how to condense in a few bars the essence of the Neapolitan culture, as well as for three generations the Pippo Perez brand knows how to speak, speaking the language, all Italian, of creativity and manufacturing excellence. And in a constant evolutionary line that, in recent years, has taken him from the luxury jewelry, chosen and worn by the greatest protagonists of the Dolce Vita towards a more informal style, pret-à-porter, but always with a touch of glamor. In perfect Capri lifestyle. In this new course, decidedly more in step with the times and of contemporary taste, the maison has chosen as "the right place" Portofino, Positano, Panarea, Costa Smeralda, Cortina, and abroad, St. Moritz, Courchevel, Moscow, New York, London, Paris, Dubai. High end destinations for an international audience, who have learned to recognize and appreciate cult pieces such as the characteristic bracelets with nautical line embellished with ladybugs, turtles, bees and 18k gold elements, with diamonds, sapphires and rubies, and recently also rings and necklaces that rework the animal subjects, now 'historical', of the maison. Delightful creations with a young, fresh, smart mood, in keeping with the message they transmit: auspicious symbols, that reveal the dna Made in Naples and pass partout to wear at any time of the day, to add a playful touch to the look.

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