Nanojewels by Paola Ferrari

At yesterday’s Visio.Next Summit on Sustainable Creativity, there was a great deal of interest in the talk on emerging technologies given by Paola Ferrari, for the first time at Vicenzaoro

With more than thirty years of experience in international business, with a focus on non-profit management, Paola Ferrari— along with her husband—founded the Academy of Nanoscience in Gagliato in 2009. Thanks to its work locally, this academy has transformed the small town of Gagliato, Calabria, into a Science & Technology destination. It was even named a “Creative Town” in UNESCO’s Global Report in 2016, offering a new model for small communities that are facing extinction. Paola Ferrari found herself fascinated by the shapes of the nanoparticles used in her husband’s research and this inspired her to make her first “nanojewel” in silicone with 16,000 "nanochannels" set in a small white-gold frame. Thanks to its success, she presented the first Nanos Collection in silver, bronze and copper at a NanoGagliato event. The Nanos Diamond Collection was launched in November 2018 during the US Market Forum gala event in Milan. In addition to supporting the work of NanoGagliato in an innovative way, Paola Ferrari also supports the “junior” event called NanoPiccola, which helps children between 4 and 18 understand the wonders of the "nanoworld." Due to the infinite number of ways they can be used, nanoparticles are one of the most studied branches of science in the world. Dr. Ferrari’s lab uses this technology in many applications for combatting cancer.

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