Not Just Piercing. An Interview with Maria Tash

Speaking with the jewelry designer of the Hollywood stars

Graduated at the Fashion Institute of Technology of New York City, Maria Tash is one of the most popular jewelry designer of Us. The real beginning of her carrier has been when she discovered the art of body piercing and a love of Indian and Pakistani designs, most notably nostril and ear jewelry. Starting from January, the brand is also in Italy. The space has opened in the second flagship store of the Rinascente Roma Via del Tritone, which was inaugurated in the autumn in an eight-story building. The building, which fits into the magnificent historical and cultural heritage of the city, offers an exceptional archaeological site on the minus 1 floor, which preserves the remains of the Virgin Aqueduct dated 19 BC.

"I am happy to bring my models and my know-how to the Rinascente di Roma. The rich history of the place is a source of great inspiration and fascinates me to see how everything is based with the precision of modern Italian design. I am excited to bring to Rome a destination where I can offer my services of luxury and styling piercing ", says Maria Tash. 

Here below a short "brainstorming" about her style and the new steps. 


The Winning Asymmetry
Before specialising in what has now made you famous, piercing in primis, did you create more classical jewelry? I got my start in the body piercing world when I tried to find the type of jewelry I wanted and couldn't. I love the technicality of piercing and the way the earrings function. I had a lot of fun innovating the hardware and tools to perfect the art as well as the jewelry itself.

How and when did the Hollywood stars and VIPs discover Maria Tash? I attribute a lot of my exposure to Hollywood and celebrities to the stylists who took note of my designs and brought them to photo shoots in front of models and actresses. This was before social media and stylists were considered influencers within the fashion and celebrity world.

The 3 best sellers in the MT collection? Delicate diamond eternity ring earrings, spikes and charms are very strong right now.

The favourite metal and stones that you like to work with and why? Colored diamonds have been extremely great to work on. We've done so much to innovate amazing depth of color especially Tanzanite and Paraiba which is a light blue tourmaline. Golds in all colors from white to rose are also favorites in terms of how strong and solid they are.

What are the new trends in jewelry? I see asymmetry continuing as a strong trend. Curating individual looks is what I pride myself on and love to provide to each client.

Any forecasts/anticipations for your next collection? I see the scale increasing slightly. Our diamond clients want larger pieces and I'm excited to introduce this soon.

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