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Once upon a time, experimental artists’ jewels were the ‘guest stars.’ Today, it is the one-of-a-kind piece from contemporary jewelry designers that takes the center stage at art shows as seen at Pad London

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‘Beyond Picasso’. This is the title of a recent article by Sarahn Royce-Greensill, published by BOF Business of Fashion last October, that discusses how something exciting is capturing the attention of art lovers that are looking beyond their backgrounds. What is ‘distracting’ them is a new wave of energy that is reawakening the sleepy jewelry world. After TEFAF in Maastricht and Masterpiece London, now there’s the Pavilion of Art and Design in London surprising art collectors well beyond Mayfair, with one-off pieces that represent contemporary jewelry, which, up to now, has not had a way to reach that audience. Now in its twelfth edition in London (the first show was in 1997 in Paris), PAD is opening up to an alternative way to conceive wearable art with important new names - Lorenz Bäumer from France, Walid Akkid from Lebanon, and Glenn Spiro from England. Another exciting new entry is Valery Demure with the Objet d’Emotion collective, which was recently launched, bringing together jewelry designers of the likes of Delfina Delettrez, Francesca Villa, Polly Wales, Melanie Geor- gacopoulos, Alice Cicolini, Monique Pean and Silvia Furmanovich. «Through our frequent client meetings and private events, we want to shape a community celebrating the beauty, master craftsmanship and timelessness that epitomize true long lasting edition. A slower, more considered approach, where creativity can be relished and pieces learned about in a genuinely passionate and immersive way,» says Valery Demure, Objet d’Emotion’s director. A trendsetter in fine jewelry, Valery Demure is a breath of fresh air in high jewelry, with a selection of avantgarde designers able to relate to the savvy art world audience. «As we are planning a strong focus on collectible jewelry this year at PAD London, we are thrilled that Valery Demure has joined the fair for the first time. Her curated selection of unique pieces will reinforce PAD’s jewelry offerings and enthuse art and design collectors. This year PAD increased focus on collectible jewels, highlighting the links between art, design and jewelry. There’s a lot of crossover between art collectors and jewelry customers: both are seeking refined objects with the highest level of craftsmanship that tell timeless stories,» concludes PAD co-founder Patrick Perrin in BOF.

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