Sicis Jewels: An invitation to Emotion

Mosaic art and precious gems: the uniqueness of Sicis Jewels collections to give emotions

Anemone Sea and Iris Mauve, these are the names of the latest creations by Sicis Jewels. Two radiant jewelry sets, just perfect for the magical Christmas period. Yes, because, while it is true that jewelry is always at the top of Christmas wish-lists, giving an item of jewelry by Sicis Jewels means giving something unique and unimitable. A tiny masterpiece where gold and gems forge modern dialogues through an age-old technique. The art of micromosaic goes way back to the 18th century. In those days, Roman mosaicists made elaborate micromosaics to be worn by royalty and nobles at the courts of Paris and St. Petersburg. By retrieving and refining those ancient processes, Sicis Jewels expresses their evolution through contemporary pieces of rare elegance. In order to better understand the value of items like the splendid Iris Mauve ring, in which tiny tiles, diamonds and amethysts evoke the petals of this particular flower, it is worth remembering how micro-mosaic artists are able to perfectly depict the shapes and colors of nature. In the company’s workshops in Ravenna, master mosaicists hand-spin miniscule sticks of special smelted enamels to then create infinite color and shade combinations. The sticks are then broken into tiny tiles which are set, one by one, to give each design produced a three-dimensional effect. Every jewelry item is therefore the result of a complex and meticulous process which, besides capturing the eye, has deep value, more than the gold and stones: pure art.

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