The Fab Six Jewelry Influencers

From the New York Times, the six jewelry influencers that capture the attention of the whole jewelry market, amongst exaggerated carats, antiques, multi-channel platforms and social "notebooks"

Need Bling? If The New York Times has dedicated an article, by journalist Ming Liu, to six jewelry influencers that the industry needs to know about, for us “professionals” it is like a green light that suddenly lights up. Jewelry typically doesn’t get the type of media coverage that fashion gets and, in a way, especially in terms of numbers, this is understandable. But this list by The New York Times seems to almost validate the concept, very popular in jewelry, that value does not just come from the price, and the numbers, but comes from the concept, the idea, the ability to make an exclusive piece in iron, bronze or resin. The American newspaper has chosen the six Instagram influencers that have become - thanks to their image storytelling - a daily must-visit for research, information, and know-how. And it is not just about the number of followers. Because to be a jewelry influencer, you don’t need millions. Who are the Fab Six? @katerina_perez, more than 220,000 followers: the daily pit-stop for high jewelry. @levi_higgs, archivist for David Webb: one-of-a-kind vintage pics. @gemgossip by Danielle Miele: more than 182,000 followers. @threadsstyling: the “shop floor” of which was also written about by The Sunday Times as one of the 100 companies in the Tech Track List. @thejewel- lerycut: a multi-channel platform for the “mid-market jewelers”, founded by journalist Rachael Taylor and Andrew Martyniuk. @willsnotebook: Will Kahn, the Fashion Market and Accessories Director for Town and Country, showcases social “notebooks” full of jewels that bring to mind vintage designer sketchbooks.

  • @gemgossip by danielle miele

    @gemgossip by danielle miele

  • @thereadsstyling


  • @levi_higgs archivist for david webb

    @levi_higgs archivist for david webb

  • katerina perez

    katerina perez

  • @thejewellerycut by rachael taylor and Andrew Martyniuk

    @thejewellerycut by rachael taylor and Andrew Martyniuk

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