The Winners of the Premiere Contest

From the kermesse of OroArezzo, the 12 most original bracelets, on the Iron & Gold and Love themes

The First Category: Iron / Gold

There are 12 brands that have conquired firstly the jury of the OroArezzo 2018 Premiere Contest, the kermesse closed on May 8th, and then one of the prizes to be won. Two categories: one dedicated to the Iron & Gold combination and the one on Love.


These are the names of the winners in the Iron / Gold category:These are the names of the winners in the Iron / Gold category:
BIEFFE 2000: "IRON LOVE" conical bracelet in silver and corten steel, also called patinabile, a material sought after by designers for its rare characteristics. The jewel is a modern iron armor that protects the silver with its embossed hearts.

ALUNNO & CO: "TRASMUTAZIONE" silver bracelet with galvanic effect. In the jewel the material becomes free in filaments of light, from static to dynamic, creating games of movement.

COAR: "CIECO PER AMORE" bracelet in iron, red gold and pure gold, silver and ruby. He interprets the poem by Ludovico Ariosto of Orlando Furioso, madly in love with Angelica, where the material strong joins the precious one with evident modeling, precious chiselling and diffusion molecular.

FALCINELLI  ITALY: "LEGAME" bracelet in iron, forged by hand, white gold and black diamonds. The contrast between crudity of iron and the elegance of white gold, combined with the magic of black diamonds, expresses a strong bondnoble like love.

R.V.: "SCHIAVA" bracelet. Golden silver and iron. The jewel falls into the type of slaves, an ornament dating back to distant times. The original meaning of subjection leaves the place to the elegance of the form. A timeless style, always reinterpreted over the centuries.

  • "Iron Love - Amore di Ferro" bracelet, by Bieffe 2000

  • "Legame" bracelet, by Falcinelli Italy

  • "Trasmutazione" bracelet, by Alunno&Co.

  • "Cieco per Amore" bracelet, by Coar

The Second Category: Love

• SADE: "SONATA A DUE" bracelet. Interprets the theme "Power of love" through a couple of elements independent that cross and move in space, following harmonious and elegant rhythms.

3 Z: "LOVE IS A WAVE IN GOLD" bracelet inspired by the famous quote by David Foster Wallace "It is the waves that prevent the seas from being simply huge puddles". As it is the power of love to prevent life from being flat and colorless and making it as explosive as it is a wave.

GIORDINI: "POWER OF LOVE" bracelet in gold. Wise geometric abstractions that want to represent the force of love and the strength of iron, used not as a material, but as an evocative expression.

ARCADIA: "LOVE AND PSYCHES" gold bracelet, inspired by the famous Canova marble kept in the Louvre. Hearts symbols of love are tied to thin chains, to create movements in contrast to the rigid structure that alludes to the hardness of marble.

QUADRIFOGLIO: In yellow and red gold, the jewel tells the story of two souls that "ROMEO AND JULIET" bracelet. In yellow and red gold, the jewel tells the story of two souls thatthey meet and protect themselves, a story where love is a symbol of struggle, determination and purityand immortality. It goes beyond all and above all.

GILORO: "MOONSCAPE" bracelet in white and rose gold. Circles of various heights intertwined between them andstopped at the ends, to form the fantastic lunar landscape also suggested by the cold glowsof white gold.

GOBI: "BACIAMI ANCORA" bracelet in gilded silver. A slave with lamina assembled in a speculate way to form many mouths that envelop the wrist. Jewel full of quotes, from Pop art, the repeated mouths of Marilyn, quotes from literature, cinema and music: Shakespeare, Muccino, Jovanotti.

Finally, the SPECIAL JURY PRIZE was awarded to:

GRAZIELLA GROUP: "LOVE AS DISCOVERY OF TIME" bracelet. Sculpture as an arm ornament in the network of iron, gold and various materials. The cage represents the constraints of life, but the explosion of love makes you feel free from any constraints.

UNOAERRE: "LACRIME D'AMORE" bracelet in silver and amethyst spheres. The jewel made in fret work with scratched surface laminates recall the pop solutions of the seventies. A jewel of design that knows how to look at the tradition, the forms that had so much luck in those years.

  • "Sonata a Due" bracelet, by Sade

  • "L'Amore è un'onda in oro" bracelet, by 3Z

  • "Amore e Psiche" bracelet, by Arcadia

  • "Power of Love" bracelet, by Giordini

  • "Moonscape" bracelet, by Giloro

  • "Baciami Ancora" bracelet, by Gobi

  • "Romeo and Juliet" bracelet, by Quadrifoglio

  • "L'Amore come scoperta del tempo" bracelet, by Graziella Group, Special Award category

  • "Lacrima d'Amore" bracelet, by Unoaerre, Special Award category

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