Walking Treasures in Milan

From 28th November to 24th December at the Esh Gallery in Milan, the Walking Treasures. Tesori da passeggio exhibition, the third edition of the event dedicated to contemporary jewelry

  • laura volpi

    laura volpi

ESH Gallery presents the third edition of Walking Treasures. Tesori da passeggio, the event dedicated to contemporary jewelry on show in Milan from 28th November to 24th December. The new entry this year is the participation of foreign artists including some top names from the panorama of international jewelry artists. Once again, the gallery, thanks to its particular affinity with the decorative arts, provides the chance to experience an original world made of tiny and precious works of art, authentic wearable sculptures. Modern creations where jewelry is not just an ornament of pure aesthetic taste but also, and above all, an item that communicates a deeper concept, the artist’s unique vision. The exhibition will be displaying exclusive pieces of unmistakable value and artistic meaning whose main focus is the added value of being hand-made and the artist’s personal approach to the chosen material. An exhibition with the appearance of a collection of wonders, a modern Wunderkammer in which to fall under the spell of the most experimental shapes and be surprised at the concepts of metamorphosis and transformation. A world of possibilities, an invitation to explore the imagination of different authors and which, due to the suggestions evoked, will never cease to capture the observer’s gaze with a sense of amazement and curiosity.  

Artists presented: Sara Barbanti, Valentina Caprini, Lodovica Fusco, Eleonora Ghilardi, Lucilla Giovanninetti, Orsolya Losonczy, Manuganda, Daniella Saraya, Giulia Savino, Carina Shoshtary, Laura Volpi, Yoko Takirai

  • giulia savino

    giulia savino

  • Carina Shoshstary

    Carina Shoshstary

  • ludovica fusco

    ludovica fusco

  • orsolya losoncsy

    orsolya losoncsy

  • sara barbanti

    sara barbanti

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