Easy-to-Use Jewels

Fall/Winter 2019 season welcomes a new style linking form and function with creativity and playfulness

  • Stella McCartney

    Stella McCartney

Functionality is the key word. But in the world of jewelry, the interpretation of that concept takes on a precious connotation, leading to a new style that links form and function with creativity and playfulness. The result? Unique jewels with fluorescent colors that take on the form of useful accessories like snap hooks, lockets, flashlights or pill holders.

  • Annelise Michelson

    Annelise Michelson

  • Robinson Pelham

    Robinson Pelham

  • Sian Evans

    Sian Evans

  • Bea Bongiasca

    Bea Bongiasca

  • Eéra


  • Suzanne Syz

    Suzanne Syz

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