From the country of Cedars to the Big Apple

khouri2From the vibrant souks of Beirut, Gaelle Khouri embarked on a very personal journey that took her first to New York, where she worked as a manager for Oscar de la Renta, and later led her to rediscover her Lebanese origins by returning to her hometown. An exploratory journey which plants its raison d'ĂȘtre in the deep relationship between women and nature and which today materializes in Debut collection, divided into Couture and Casual. Couture plays on intricate details, it is delicate, almost fragile. Innovative in its use of color, it revolves around unique pieces. Casual, on the other hand, focuses on the organic nature of form, the beauty of nature interpreted in an aesthetic sense that looks to the gothic and to the emotionality it arouses. "It was a very personal exploratory journey. I have 'exploited' design for my reflections, and there I have found the answer to many of my questions. Above all, the existence of an indissoluble link between women and nature".

Text by Federica Frosini

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