A Talk with Donatella Zappieri

Jewelry strategic consultant, Donatella Zappieri has conducted a study on the value of made in Italy and its evolution from the 1980s to today

From the opulence and the "Gold Fever" of the 80s, to the minimalism of the 90s, a decade also marked by a need for security and new values, up to the new millennium and the jewel of our days, Donatella Zappieri takes us on a magnetic journey to the rediscovery of the most revolutionary and innovative protagonists of Italian jewelry. She also investigates the influence that the socio-economic-political evolution of our country has had on the last 30/35 years of the history of italian jewelry. «A work on trends and the evolution of techniques and forms, an analysis on collections that can never live out of the time in which they are created, but must always adapt to the stylistic identity of the brand and the spirit of the time.» From Pomellato and Vhernier to Mattia Cielo, a journey among the greatest Italian jewelry innovators, internationally renowned.


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