Alessa Jewelry: The Labor of Love

Beauty, love, mystery and magic. These are the characteristics for which jewelry by Alessa Jewelry stands out

  • Bracelet from Amara collection

    Bracelet from Amara collection

A particular, mysterious and slightly magical fascination
The Alessa Jewelry brand was born from an authentic love story. Yuvraj Pahuja is Indian and represents the fifth generation of a family of jewelers. Alessandra Robles grew up in Guatemala, immersed in an environment brimming with art and color. The two designers met while they were studying at the Gemological Institute of America. They fell in love and, in 2009, decided to launch a jewelry line with which to express a shared vision of beauty. This must be why their creations enclose such a particular, mysterious and slightly magical fascination. Alessandra Robles tells us a bit more.

  • Earrings from Amara collection

    Earrings from Amara collection

I and my husband Yuvraj fell in love while studying at the GIA in California.
How did Alessa Jewelry come about?

The brand was born from love. I and my husband Yuvraj fell in love while studying at the GIA in California. In 2009 we founded Alessa Jewelry. Yuvraj is Indian but he grew up in Dubai and that's where we produce our jewelry.

Which is the newest collection?

Our latest collection is called ‘Amara’ which means ‘Eternal beautiful war- riors’ and aims at releasing the super powers that every woman holds within. It is inspired by armor, weapons and stars, represented by jewelry with an evocative design in pink and white gold and deco- rated with diamonds and onyx.

  • Rings from Amara collection

    Rings from Amara collection

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