Alessandro Saracino: Passion that Takes Shape

Alessandro Saracino, founder of Crieri, tells us about the creative process that led to the creation of G.O.A.T, the exclusive stretch tennis bracelet, and the philosophy behind their one-of-a-kind pieces

  • Alessandro Saracino

    Alessandro Saracino

«G.O.A.T is the result of Crieri's ongoing research into the item of jewelry that most identifies us, the tennis bracelet. We could say that it is its natural evolution. It took about a year of study and research to fine-tune it and achieve the top level of optimization of the final result we have always aimed for, which eventually gave concrete form to our personal vision of an extendible tennis bracelet. The intention was to create a status symbol and, at the same time, combine this intangible value with innovation, easy wearability, comfort and the freshness of a piece of jewelry which, while seen and experienced as a great classic, with G.O.A.T, sees a new, previously unimaginable season blossom. Here at Crieri, we consider the tennis bracelet in perpetual evolution. It is study and research into volumes and design, a constant exercise for us, a challenge that is becoming increasingly difficult but we are certain that we will never cease to amaze.

But Crieri is also open to many other worlds, such as the haute joaillerie of one-of-a-kind pieces. I am particularly referring to our marvelous Colombian emeralds. We create ad hoc clothes around these gems of rare beauty and charm, sartorial projects that are always designed with the gem at the center. The unique pieces that we would now like to create? We would like to combine G.O.A.T and Bogotà 1996, the two projects that are currently at our core, in an exclusive mix and also a capsule of unique stretch items with Colombian emeralds. The idea was inspired by the request of two well-known influencers, who are personal friends and lovers of the brand, for whom we created two extendible bracelets with over 8 carats of oval-cut Colombian emeralds. And who knows, maybe this is the birth of a new jewelry adventure»

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