Alessia Crivelli: Visionaries by Passion

A short storytelling of the birth of Crivelli, an increasingly international company, told by Alessia Crivelli, the brand’s General Manager

  • Alessia Crivelli

    Alessia Crivelli

«Our company’s story began over 50 years ago with my father Bruno Crivelli, who embarked on his career as a jeweler by working as a stone setter for a workshop in Valenza. It was his innate taste and attraction for precious stones that prompted him to embrace a career as an entrepreneur, initially marketing his creations himself in order to receive feedback from dealers and their customers, and finally opening a company with the help of my uncle and a few other collaborators. We are now a structured company with over 80 collaborators and countless craftsmen, who make up the artisan fabric of Valenza and represent its excellence in the world.

It was my father's passion and creativity, combined with his vision, that guided him through the years to create the jewelry that now represents the essence of our company. The jewelry takes shape by following his intuition and is constructed to enhance the quality of the stones, which, in my father’s case, are always the starting point when creating a new piece of jewelry. He likes to personally buy from his trusted suppliers around the world with whom he has built solid relationships of mutual esteem and who recognize his profound knowledge of precious stones. 

One of the most beautiful pieces created recently is the ring with the sapphire heart is part of the Origin collection. The name was inspired by the words of one of our esteemed customers, who, upon seeing a unique commissioned piece with a heart-cut diamond of the same design, immediately associated the design with a seedling. Hence the name of the collection, which evokes the origins of life. Over the years, our company has evolved also by interpreting market demands. It has created a wealth of collections with the aim of boosting brand identity and working on its brand awareness. The end customer is therefore increasingly familiar with Crivelli, which strengthens relationships with our retailers, who are proud to display us in their shops.

The Like collection, which is tasked with interpreting the company's DNA, is now presented through a new advertising campaign shot, as usual, by Fabrizio Ferri, and enriched with new glamour. All this to achieve the goals we have set for our company’s growth on the national and international scene.»

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