Alexandra Trosin: The New Starting Point

«After the last months, some positive signs are coming from offline and online sales at the big auction houses and from digital players who have recorded significant increases. Retailers such as Browns and Moda Operandi, but also large resale companies like TheRealReal, have all recorded double-figure increases in the jewelry category. Another trend we are seeing is market polarization with a huge difference in terms of performance between large and small brands. The big brands, which have always paid great attention to storytelling and branding and which already had prominent on-line stores, have been more fortunate, and in actual fact, this year has witnessed many records in terms of the on-line sale of investment pieces. On the other hand, the unbranded sector and brands that did not have an on-line store when the crisis began have suffered the most. Covid has highlighted some trends that were already creeping in and has emphasized the importance of brand power, new technologies and digital, as well as sharpened companies’ ability to adapt and adopt an almost start-up mentality.»

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