a Small but Great Revolution

Marco Carboni, founder and CEO of DOMA Automation, outlines the features of ALO Photo Sphere, a professional photography studio within everyone’s reach

For those born and bred in the Arezzo area, stumbling across the jewelry world is only a question of time. Marco Carboni did it in 1997, although not from behind the workbench or by handling finished products. He did so by developing management software for the jewelry industry. A road that led him to found DOMA Automation, a company that he has owned since 2016. "Among the brands that best characterize DOMA Automation is certainly, which englobes all the innovative solutions bearing the ALO name, in other words, ALO Photo Scan and ALO Photo Sphere, respectively the software and device resulting from almost twenty years of study in the field of photography applied to jewelry, and other products. The first digital cameras appeared on the market in 2003 and it was at the request of one of my clients who had bought a photo studio that I began to develop camera control software in order to optimize its use and adapt it to the required results. As the years went by, I came up with a tangible solution for jewelry photos and videos called ALO Photo Sphere, which, with a 40 cm wide and 15 cm high internal visual, makes shots in all kinds of situations possible. The process is fully automated and offers a whole series of significant advantages: it eliminates the problem of shadows and having to  reposition the object when shooting similar items at different times by recreating the same lighting conditions. It is also possible to totally rotate around the jewel thus capturing its three-dimensionality and all its characteristics so that impressive multidimensional videos can be made by setting up "creative" templates to enhance the product, and, last but not least, it does not require a specific technician, or rather, a professional photographer or graphic designer.”

A great little revolution in creative shooting for jewelry within everyone's reach. The “sphere” costs about €10,000 including camera but the long-term rental of € 259 per month is where the real advantage lies when acquiring ALO Photo Sphere: no initial investment with extended warranty and unlimited upgrades on all improvements made to the device and app for the duration of the rental.

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