Arizona Muse & Chopard

‘Muse’ by name and deed. The American top model Arizona Muse talks about fashion, jewelry and ethics starting from her special relationship with Chopard

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    arizona muse

Perhaps it is her simple and naturally chic look, or it may be her down-to-earth divinity attitude, the fact is that 30-year-old Arizona Muse, with over 10 years of career behind her, is adored by glossy magazines and luxury brands. Anna Wintour is well aware of it as she says: «When I look at her, I see shadows of Linda Evangelista and Natalia Vodianova. But more than anything, I see her, marvelous, intelligent,» and with an ethical soul, we might add. Yes, because the American top model has made sustainability her way of being, thinking and living. «Sustainability is everything to me» she explains. «It influences every decision I make, everything I do and it’s what I teach my son.» Arizona Muse, nomen est omen, is a spot on name, it has to be said. In fact, the model’s ‘green’ soul has inspired projects and collaborations destined to leave a mark. Tangible facts rather than words. Muse has worked with three Italian stylists to produce an eco-sustainable capsule collection. «I’m not a fashionista» she says, «but I love clothes and sustainable materials. Creating garments with materials that are harmful to the environment is no longer justified and even the fashion industry is realizing it.» Then Chopard appeared, a high jewelry brand for which Arizona was already a friendly face. Since last July, the company, led by Caroline Scheufele, has been making watches and jewelry exclusively from 100% ethical gold, purchased from responsible sources, respectful of international, ‘best practice’ environmental and social standards. The precious material is only taken from small mines that belong to the Swiss Better Gold Association (SBGA) with Fairmined certification. Arizona is one of the faces in this initiative, becoming a kind of sustainability ambassador for Chopard. «I’m really proud to be covering this role» says the top model. «Chopard is working for a better future where metal and precious stone extraction will no longer have a harmful impact on our environment and an excessive cost for the miners’ health. My aim in this new role is to give an example and educate.» And educating and contributing to changing the situation is also the 'mission' that Chopard has put at the top of its priority list, an ethical turning point that proves how the decision, taken years ago, to invest in internal production in order to be able to personally manage every step of the productive process, was right and necessary. The Swiss company’s mission is to transmit the concept of ethical sustainability at all levels of the supply chain, up to retail. «I think that Caroline is a delightful, elegant, chic, responsible and entertaining woman» says Arizona. «Her initiative has really impressed me.» From ethical gold to jewels of the heart is a short step and Arizona has clear ideas about that. «I’m extremely attached to my engagement ring» she tells us. «It marks an important moment for me: going from being a single mother to having a solid relationship based on sharing and feeling part of a family.» And family is also the key word that links Arizona Muse, Chopard and Livia Firth, wife of Oscar-winning actor, Colin Firth, and businesswoman at the head of Eco-Age, the company that helps brands to achieve more sustainable results. «Livia is a goddess,» Muse concludes. «She is able to transform sustainability into a glamour business. It is women like her and Caroline (Scheufele ed.), intelligent, chic and far- sighted, that have nur- tured in me the profound belief that beauty and sustainability will save the world.»

  • arizona muse

    arizona muse

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    chopard for giambattista valli - backstage

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