It's time for GOLD / ITALY

The countdown has begun for the fifth edition of Gold/Italy to be held in Arezzo from 21st to 23rd October. Alessandro Bruni, Sales manager at Unoaerre, anticipates his vision of the exhibition.

It's time for GOLD / ITALY

 'Il Cerchio', a magical figure and a sign of perfection and infinity, will be the symbol of the fifth edition of GOLD / ITALY, the first after the creation of IEG, the Italian Exhibition Group, a company created by the merger between Rimini Fiera and Fiera di Vicenza, and the agreement with Arezzo Fiere and Congressi Srl. Following the filing of the 'timeless' object - same as September VO + - the designers of the three hundred exhibiting companies in Arezzo, all strictly Italian, will be able to participate at the #CreateYourLove contest, and right from the circle, they will have to create a necklace inspired by the 'synacles', those precious jewels of the past made up of hypnotic golden spheres. This Creative Design Lab project, together with Jewels Lab Design, is one of the two major innovations of this revised event, focusing more on innovation, craftsmanship and stylistic research. One of the brands is also Unoaerre. Here is the point of view of Alessio Bruni.

What will change in this edition of GOLD / ITALY?

We hope that, thanks to the agreement with IEG, the Gold Italy event will be even more incisive for our commercial operations. The organizational quality should make a difference in terms of capturing buyers in such a crowded international trade show calendar.

Can this strategic agreement act as a further boost for re-launching the entire sector, even in the short term? If so, how? 

It would be important to find the right planning for the events in such a delicate moment for our sector. A shrewd selection of the dates and number of shows could certainly be significantly beneficial. 

The 2017 edition will see the participation of 300 selected Italian brands from five gold districts. Is it right to say that no other country has such a high number of artisans and creative artists in this sector and also such a widespread distribution across the territory?  

Unoaerre is the mother of all the companies in the Arezzo district and who better than us can state that the creativity and quality of Italian artisans has been unbeatable for decades and could continue to be, with the right political and financial support?

Being at the head of a family business is a help or does it impose limits on future prospects? 

In Italian industry, many families are at the head of groups that are well able to cope in the international context. The entrepreneurial family's tenacity, vision and attachment to the territory are the foundations of our sector.

Systematization certainly helps the Italy 'brand'. How can the individual entrepreneur reap the benefits? 

Merely representing a country that is recognized throughout the world as the cradle of beauty and culture, is enough in itself to make you feel part of a global Brand. In practice, it should be promoted much better, as other countries have done. We should learn from our French cousins.

90+1 years of history. What are Unoaerre's new challenges or targets?

To continue to grow while keeping faith with our quality values, which are part of our company's culture, in the belief that being a great industry in the Italian jewellery sector is an opportunity that should be taken full advantage of so that we can celebrate 100 years.

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