Atelier Technology: Innovate in a Cloud

Adapting product lines to an increasingly diversified market. This is the context of Atelier Technology which helps to succeed in the jewelry world. By Claudia La Via

In order to succeed in today’s market jewelry retailers, brands and manufacturers all need to be able to adapt product lines to an increasingly diversi ed market. This is the context in which Atelier Technology was founded. The young and talented Founder, Dominic Hill, has been working in the jewelry market for over 12 years and gained a sound experience of every single step and process of this business. Atelier Technology is a jewelry specific software that allows an entire supply chain to connect their systems and share data in real time, accelerating time to market by up to 80%. The company has recently secured an important investment from a consortium of the world’s leading jewelers, led by Swarovski and Chow Tai Fook. «We are operational with more than 500 companies in every continent and have manufacturers all over the world including all the major Italian clusters,» says Hill.

Why did you create Atelier Technology?
I had experienced rst hand the frustration of large Italian manufacturers who were having to maintain a different format, software for each client. This was sustainable in the era of few clients and large orders, but since the revolution brought into the market by the Internet the reality these companies face is many clients and smaller orders. This means much more work but, crucially, less profit: the cost of bringing a single style to market hasn’t changed but the return on that investment is a fraction of what it used to be.
How does this digital platform work?
Each player at every layer of the supply chain has a di erent interface to meet thier specific needs. This enables us to bring all the stakeholders together onto a single platform which unlocks the potential of real time data and much more.
What are the next steps?
We see our service as a major e ciency upgrade for the entire industry. We think that if companies can be more e cient, more elastic, more responsive then growth will follow. In the 20th century supply chains were optimised for cost, whereas in the 21st century they need to be optimised for choice - the consumer is demanding it. 
How has technology disrupted the jewelry ecosystem?
The jewelry industry has always been highly technological. This year alone I have witnessed a stone being 3D printed, and robotic casting. However, traditionally this investment in technology has taken place inside the con nes of each business and factory. With Atelier Technology’s growth in over the last two years, for the rst time enterprise jewelry supply chains have an unprecedented opportunity to adopt cloud technology, which critically meets the complex needs of this industry and helps in joining the bene t of digital economy.
How do you see the future of jewelry within the next 10 years?
I think we are already seeing in the sector that the giants of yesterday are shrinking. And these will not be replaced by new giants, but rather by a large fragmented group of smaller, more diversified players who meet the modern consumers’ appetite for individuality. This necessitates a transformation of the supply chain servicing them - the rules of the game have changed and the infrastructure that delivered success yesterday is unlikely to deliver success tomorrow. 

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